Information systems

All our efforts are directed toward understanding our customer’s goals and problems. We analyze the accumulated knowledge, combine the best examples with our long-term expertise, and develop or adapt market-proven solutions to the following specialized areas:



Document and content management


Avilys (eng. Hive) - document and process management system

The Avilys document management system is a perfect solution for midsize and large enterprises. DMS Avilys helps to perform the following functions: register documents, prepare and approve documents and contracts, manage tasks and meeting information, archive documents. There is a possibility to sign documents by electronic signature, also to accept, register and review electronic documents in ADOC format. Users access the system through internet browser. Avilys runs on Open Source software and other popular database management systems like Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, MaxDB. Separate system functions may run on IBM Lotus Notes software if needed. DMS Avilys solutions are used by the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, the central Bank of Lithuania, most of the Municipalities, Ministry of Transport and Communications and all its subordinate institutions, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Enterprise "GIS-Centras",  National M. Mazvydas Library and some public libraries, Vilnius University, State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate, State Non Food Products Inspectorate, and also companies like Akropolis Group, AB Kauno energija”, AB Malsena”, AB Ortopedijos technika”. More about solution Avilys >> 


Station SI - content management system

Our proprietary content management solution enables an organization to manage its information in the Internet (Website) by itself, without the need for experience in Internet technologies. The system architecture enables publishing text documents direct onto the Web. This software solution runs on IBM Lotus Domino, Oracle or Open Source database management platforms. Station SI is successfully used by the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, Ministry of Finance, State Department for Tourism, Lithuanian Archival Department, National M. Mazvydas Library, Klaipeda City Municipality, Siauliai County Administration and others.

Library processes’ automation


ProLibis - software solutions for libraries in the digital age
Highly advanced software solutions for a modern library of almost any size, ranging from a large national library, medium size public or special library to a small school library. It's even able to introduce an integrated system for the whole network of libraries. ProLibis products comprise all library services, including preparation and publishing of bibliographic publications as well as creation of the Union catalogue, general databases and allows automation of interlibrary information exchange processes. The solutions for large libraries are based on an Oracle database management platform. While the solution for small libraries (a "light" version of ProLibis) does not use licensed products provided by the third parties. Sintagma's library processes' automation systems have been successfully introduced in the Martynas Mažvydas National Library, more than 80 public and scientific libraries and more than 500 school libraries, Lithuanian Archives Department and more than 10 museums. Sintagma provided consulting services for design and implementation of an automated library information system (ABIS) for the Belarus National Library and for the Presidential Library of the Republic of Belarus. More about ProLibis solutions >>


Accounting and finance management


Budget and finance management solution

The budget and finance management solution for public sector.  This software solution is adapted to current and future EU accounting requirements.  It enables the efficient management of information workflow, quickly analyzing data and adapting to a rapidly changing environment. The solution, based on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, is integrated with the State Budget accounting and payment system and has unlimited expansion possibilities. It is currently used by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of National Defence, several Municipalities, most County Administrations, Presidential Office, and other governmental organizations.


You will find more detailed information about Sintagma, its experience and projects in this document (PDF).