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In December 2008 Sintagma implemented Information system for road vehicle technical inspection (TAIS) in all technical inspection companies belonging to the Association Transeksta (over 80 technical inspection points and 350 working places). TAIS system has a complex functionality, covering such components like centralized administration, management of cash registers, warehouse accounting, integration with the finance management systems, search in the centralized technical inspection database, activity observation and analysis, statistics and analysis, anticorruption component with a possibility to submit information per SMS, e-mail and other components. TAIS is connected to the Road transport register, Motor Bureau database, Information system of the State Road Transport Inspectorate, Register of the administrative infringement of the law and traffic accidents of the Police department. The system made it possible for the technical inspection companies and other related institutions to exchange data in a real-time, diminish bureaucracy, prevent negative cases, get additional indicators of activity analysis, improve the quality of activity processes. Development and implementation of TAIS required a hard and intensive work of the contractor and the client teams in preparation the system, training technical inspection companies, importing historical data and classificators, at the same time not stopping the processes of the technical inspection companies during implementation.


The operated system runs smoothly, without disturbance. The system is appreciated by managers and employees of all association companies. We see a real benefit and good use perspectives.


In the name of the client we would like to thank all the members of the TAIS team for the professionally developed and implemented TAIS.


Audrius Glėbus,

Association of companies for road vehicle state technical inspection Transeksta

Deputy Director





Sintagma designed, developed and implemented in “SEB life insurance” a highly flexible life insurance business management system that helps our clients sustain a stable development of business processes during a period of rapid growth in the number of insurance services and customers.

The system benefits customers as well as insurance providers. Information on insurance contracts is now available on the Internet, where our customers can securely review their insurance contracts and make changes as necessary. Because the system also simplifies the collection of premiums most of those insured have chosen automatic direct debit for making their premium payments.

Marius Mejeras,

SEB life insurance

Head of Administrative Department




Vilnius’s leading business news daily “Verslo žinios” started publication a decade ago, at a time when no advanced publication systems software existed. Working closely together, Sintagma specialists and “Verslo žinios” developed and implemented a news media software application that enabled quicker, easier, more consolidated publication of the newspaper. Building on the system’s flexibility, ”Verslo žinios” is today the first daily in Lithuania to publish a real-time Internet version without having to develop any additional structure.

Thus, Sintagma’s new and non-standard technological solutions created a more efficient work environment, while enhancing the company’s competitive edge in the highly competitive media market. And “Verslo žinios” profits from its image as a cutting edge company.


Rolandas Barysas,

General Manager and Editor-in-chief of

the Business Daily “Verslo žinios“





We are proud that together with Sintagma we developed the Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System, LIBIS, which is successfully used in the National M. Mažvydas Library and other cultural organizations. With this system, users from all over the world can quickly find publications they are seeking in the Lithuanian libraries.

LIBIS is important not only because of its information search capability, but also because it is a means of preserving our cultural heritage. Currently full text publications are being entered into the LIBIS database. In the future we will be able to download not only records of books or their annotations, but also full or partial texts. The development of LIBIS has been financed by the Lithuanian Government. In 2002 LIBIS received the “Lithuanian Product of the Year” award.


Gražina Bastauskienė,

Director of LIBIS OC of the National M.Mažvydas Library





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