Projects & Customers

Working with well-known and demanding customers for more than 19 years, we have implemented the largest and most sophisticated IT projects in Lithuania. We have an excellent practice working with projects financed by the international funds like EU (PHARE, ESF) and EBRD. Following are some representative projects:


§         Facilitated Rail Transit Document Information System (FRTD IS);

§         Consular Procedures Management System (CPMS);

§         National Schengen Information System and Visa Information System (NS-SIS & NS-VIS);

§         Further development of the National Visa Information System (N.VIS);

§        The first generation Schengen information system SIS1+;

§        Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System (LIBIS);

§        Automated Information System for the Belarus National Library (ABIS);

§        Automated Information System for the Belarus Presidential Library;

§        Information system of Lithuanian documentary in internet (e-cinema);

§        Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS); 

§        Lithuanian Virtual Library Information System;

§        Development of Virtual Electronic Heritage System (VEPS);

§        Software of interactive electronic services in the public libraries;

§         Information system of plenary sessions of the II Chamber of the Parliament;

§         Integrated Computerised Information System for Environmental Management (ICISEM);

§         Lithuanian Geographical Information Infrastructure System (LGII);

§         Education Management Information System (IS SCHOOL);

§        Open Information, Counselling and Guidance System (AIKOS);

§        Road Transport Activity Information System (KELTRA);

§        Information System for personalization and accounting of identity cards used in digital tachographs (SKAITIS);

§        Information system for construction permits and state supervision of construction (INFOSTATYBA);

§        Information system for road vehicle technical inspection (TAIS);

§         System of National Insurance of Transport Means;

§         National Tourism Information and Reservation System;

§         Document Management System for the central Bank of Lithuania;

§         Decommissioning management system and database for Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant;

§         Document Archive Management System for Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant;

§         Document and Services Management System for Vilnius Municipality;

§         Electronic Archive Information System (EAIS);

§         National registries of national importance and dangerous objects, chemical substances, donors, students and others;

§         Finance management system for the Ministry of Finance; 

§         Mandatum Life Insurance Business Management System;

§         PZU Lithuania, Ergo Lithuania non-life Insurance Business Management System;

§         Numerous business management information systems for insurance, media and other industries, etc.

You will find more detailed information about Sintagma, its experience and projects in this document (PDF) and view of competencies.

We have a strong focus on the following segments: insurance and finance, libraries and archives, news media and the public sector (ministries, municipalities, county administrations). Our software and IT services are recognized by:


Insurance and financial sector: Central Bank of Lithuania, SEB Bank, SNORAS Bank, Citadele Bank, SEB Life Insurance, Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE Lithuania Branch, Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE Latvia Branch, Danske Capital Investment Management, Aviva Lithuania, Bonum Publicum, Motor Bureau, Seesam Lithuania Life Insurance, Ergo Lithuania, Ergo Latvia, PZU Lithuania, BALVA AAS.


Libraries and archives: National M. Mazvydas Library, all public libraries, scientific libraries, museums, Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania (former Lithuanian Archival Department), Lithuanian Central State Archive, Vilnius University Career Centre, Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture.


News media sector: Daily Newspapers "Verslo Zinios", "Lietuvos rytas", the information services company "Eniro", Lithuanian National Radio and Television.


Trade sector: Real estate and shopping centre developer "Akropolis Group".


Public sector: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Justice, Municipalities, State Department for Tourism, Lithuanian Bureau of Organ Transplantation, State Road Transport Inspectorate, State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate, State Non Food Products Inspectorate, National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, Lithuanian Post, Lithuanian Railways, State Tax Inspectorate, State Energy Inspectorate, National Courts Administration, Presidential Office, Office of the Seimas (Parliament), Association of companies for road vehicle state technical inspection “Transeksta”, State Enterprise "GIS-Centras", State Enterprise "Klaipėda State Seaport Authority".