"Sintagma" to design an automated information system for the new Belarus National Library

Sintagma will consult and design an automated library information system (ABIS) for the new Belarus National Library (BNB), using experience gained from designing and implementing the Lithuanian LIBIS project for the National M. Mazvydas library. The ABIS contract, valued at 540.000 litas, was signed November 9, 2005 with a Belarus partner - the public enterprise AGAT-SYSTEM. It is scheduled for completion by the end of 2006.

Sintagma will consult in creating the library's electronic catalogue and its architecture. It will define the modules and functions of the system, including quality control parameters. The result will be an integrated and automated library system based on international standards and formats. It will enhance the library's effective operation and assure society's access to the library's vast resources. The ABIS system will be developed on the same principles as the Lithuanian system, but it will take into account established BNB practice working with bibliographic information. For example, bibliographic data will be stored using the BELMARC format, while Lithuania uses the UNIMARC format. When completed, the electronic catalogue will store not less than 14 million documents (books, magazines, brochures, maps, notes, audio and other documents).

"We are combining almost 10 years of experience in desiging, developing and implementing automation systems for the Lithuanian National M. Mazvydas Library, public and scientific libraries, and school libraries. This is the first such project abroad in which we are applying our full knowledge and experience to achieve a whole solution implementation. Together with our partner AGAT-SYSTEM, we hope to see significant expansion in this part of the Belarus market", says Albertas Sermokas, Sintagma's Director of Operations.

However, it is not Sintagma's first project in Belarus. Sintagma Technika (a Sintagma subsidiary) has been supplying point-of-sale systems to Belarus trade centers for several years. And Sintagma's software is used by the information services company Eniro for Belarus business directories published on CD.

Pateikta 2005-12-01
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